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Connext Security Solutions Inc.

Here at Connext Security Solutions Inc, we're here to help make your home or business as safe as possible. Our security systems are designed to provide you with protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the entire year. We make sure to use systems that have been thoroughly tested so that potential invaders are unable to find loopholes in order to bypass the system. We want you to feel comfortable and secure whether you're at home or in the office.

We understand how far technology has come in recent years, which is why we provide a variety of different features with our security systems to make securing your home or business convenient. With remote access, you won't have to worry about whether you locked up or set your alarm once you left. The system hooks up directly to your smartphone or tablet, and you can monitor your property while you're out and about.

We've been providing Pennsylvania with excellent customer service for over 15 years. We work with high-quality products that give our customers features like home automation to make security easier than ever. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them as well. We're always available if you have any questions about your security system or need help managing the installment. Give us a call today.

About Connext Security Solutions Inc.

Connext Security Solutions, Inc. was originally Security Solutions founded by Ben Markham in 1993. Over the years Ben had built up his experience, training, certifications, and expertise in security, fire, access, medical alert, and CCTV that would be next to impossible to match. Ben passed on his knowledge to his brother David Markham during his Security Solutions days. David is now Connext's Project Manager.

In early 2013, Ben decided that it was time to expand and brought on his brother-in-law, Rob McAllister to partner up and incorporate. Under the new corporation, they decided to change the name to Connext Security Solutions, which means "to connect you to the next generation of security solutions.
Ben Markham - security solutions in Carlisle, PA
Sadly, we lost Ben in April of 2015 but his legacy lives on. Today, thanks to Ben and his dedication to his customers, Connext employs Ben's hand-picked installation and service teams who continue to deliver Ben's demand for high quality, expert service and exceptional customer service. His work continues through us.
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Our Team

  • Robert McAllister – President
  • Jennifer Mills – General Manager
  • David Markham – Project Manage