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Protect Your Business From Risk

Connext Security Solutions is here to take care of all of your security, access, fire, and asset protection needs. Connext understands that each business has unique requirements, which is why we customize systems specific to those demands. We can also install different biometric features that your employees will be able to use if they're added to the system.

We're here to help protect the people inside of the building in the event of a fire. We can come out and install fire protection and fire alarm systems when we set up your security. Our team is fully licensed to install safety and security systems from an assortment of the most trusted brands in the business. These systems are user friendly, and we have support available to answer any question you may have.
CCTV Camera - security solutions in Carlisle, PA
Our installations are affordable for virtually any business or commercial property in Pennsylvania. We'll let you know how you can cut costs with customized systems that meet demands without collapsing your budget. Once you have contacted us, Connext will perform a free site survey at your convenience, work with you to design a customized system, then present you with a quote that is good for 90 days.

Access Control

The newest technologies in access control systems are astonishing. Connext offers a multitude of solutions for access control needs for commercial, governmental, medical, and education facilities.

Commercial needs can be the most demanding for access control, that's why Connext offers all the latest intelligent technology such as Biometric solutions, card readers, fingerprint scanners, dual fingerprint/ badge readers, and advanced reporting systems. Imagine being able to control employee access, eliminate security breaches, and receive daily summary or individual reports for time and attendance. Many of our systems also contain user management functions, zone control, monitoring, and device management which can be integrated into the security/alarm system.

Our access systems are ideal for schools, daycares, medical facilities, government facilities, warehouses, office buildings, gated communities, private organizations, or any property that requires risk management solutions.
Take control of your business, school, or medical facility and call us for a free site survey. Connext will introduce you to the next generation of security solutions.
For residential needs, homeowners have several options in keyless entry, passcodes, key-bump prevention, and security integration. Go to our Residential and Home Automation Page for more information, or give us a call.
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security access - security solutions in Carlisle, PA

Fire Protection

Connext offers all the newest technology in fire safety prevention, alerting, and monitoring systems. Detectors and monitoring and can be set up for any residential or commercial application. Our Residential systems tie into existing or new security systems, ideal for monitoring and notification of events.

On a Commercial scale, Connext has extensive experience in installing fire alarm systems in facilities that range from small retail stores to over one million square foot, multi-floor structured commercial buildings, warehouses, medical facilities, and schools. There is so much we offer in fire protection we could not possibly mention is all here, but we can tell you a little about the basics.
fire alarm - security solutions in Carlisle, PA
We offer affordable, comprehensive notification systems that have the ability to combine rate of rise and fixed temperature sensors with low profiles. Our Photo Electric Smoke/Heat detector not only includes a built-in fixed thermal detector, but also senses pre-freeze conditions in the event the temperature drops to 41*.

Connext has a solution for UL Code non-proprietary fire alarm system needs including but not limited to:

  • CO/Gas/Heat/Smoke Detectors
  • Ventilation Control Panels
  • Alarm pulls, sirens, and explosion proof strobes
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

We also offer fire inspections, maintenance agreements, service agreements, and monitoring at affordable prices. As members of the National Fire Protection Agency® we have the most up-to-date coding information and safe practices and procedures. Our installation and service technicians are highly skilled and experienced to keep you and your community safe.