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Home Automation

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Over the years, there have been many technological advances when it comes to home security systems. At Connext Security Solutions, we want to provide you with a customized security package that gives you easy-to-use home automation features. No matter where you are, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected at all times.

Alarm – Arm and disarm your security system on a schedule or remotely, it is all up to you from anywhere.

Lights – Turn lights on and off from your smartphone or PC, program lights to turn on at night, or just turn on a night light. Control is remotely in your hands.

Thermostats – Energy saving Settings, control, and setting temperature limits on your thermostat help save money on energy costs. Comfort is in the palm of your hand, or the convenience of your desk at work. Prevent temperature spikes and high energy costs with total control.

Video – You can live stream your camera system from your property to your phone, tablet, or pc.

Fire Alarm – Heat, smoke, and heat/smoke detectors can be integrated into the system and send you notifications right to your smartphone or PC.

Vehicle Protection and Tracking – As an added option, you can track and monitor your vehicles also from your smartphone or PC.

Notification System – Be notified when your system is disarmed, lights come on, or when doors are unlocked. When the vehicle asset protection option is add you will be notified when a vehicle leaves a geo-fence that you create, goes over safety speed limits, turns engine on or off, and much more.

Convenience and comfort are what Home Automation and Remote Access are all about. Have the convenience of accessing your alarm system, locks, lights, thermostat, and access to your property with scheduled settings, notification settings, or real-time event viewing options.

Call us today to find the system that fits your residential, business, or commercial needs.

Connext will train you, your staff, and your family members on how to operate your system. Support is just a phone call away.

Home Security

Your home is somewhere that you should feel safe at all times, which is why Connext Security Solutions provides our customers with high-quality security system installations for their homes. Our highly trained technicans are qualified to work with top name brands like ADT, Tyco, Honeywell, FireLite® and Life Beacon. these can be installed in your home to provide safety as well as convenience. These systems are capable of setting up automatic door locks, so you won't have to worry about whether or not you locked your doors before you left the house. We'll also put a sticker on your house, which has proven to be 80 percent more effective at keeping potential intruders away.
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The best part about the wireless security systems we install is that they're more than just alarm systems. The different installations we do can provide you with a variety of different features throughout your home with the touch of your finger. From your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can easily control your security systems, locks, alarms, lights, fans, thermostat, and notifications settings.

We install different features around your home like pet-friendly motion detectors and cameras. The motion detectors also link up to your mobile devices so you'll receive a notification when unwanted motions are detected. We offer custom security solutions to satisfy all of your needs.